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Royal Backyard Living is a young, backyard specialty company focused on creating inviting, innovative and inspiring gathering places for families and friends in backyards and neighborhoods throughout the Kansas City area.

Currently, the majority of our work is centered around swimming pools and portable spas, with an eye toward decks, patios, and custom backyard projects as the opportunities arise.  Click here to see more of what we do. There may ways you can contribute outside of the immediate needs listed here.

The volume of work has quickly surpassed the time available to complete it with the current staff.  Therefore, we are looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, willing to put in literal “sweat and dirt equity,” with the desire, ambition and forward thinking skills to become an integral part of a growing company with nearly endless opportunities.

Our immediate needs are:


Pool & Spa Repair and Service Associate – Full Time - apply here

We are looking for at least one Full Time EXPERIENCED Pool Repair Technician.  At a minimum, must be able to demonstrate proficiency with basic pool chemistry and service as well as ability to repair pumps, filters, heaters, automatic cleaner and sanitizing systems, lights, plumbing and minor liner issues.  Compensation is competitive and negotiable based on ability.

Pool Service Associate – Part-Time – several options - apply here

We manage several community pools, primarily in the Northland, that are great part-time opportunities to earn up to $1000/month for 2 or hours work or less per day.  These need to be completed prior to 9 AM and start time can be as early as the sun comes up.  This great arrangement allows for extra income outside of a regular job as well as the opportunity to learn and potentially move to greater areas of responsibility and earnings at Royal Backyard Living.

EcoSpa Salesperson - apply here

Royal Backyard Living is a managing partner of EcoSpa of Kansas City.  We are in need of a commissioned salesperson at least or a candidate to manage this segment of our business top to bottom.  This position is only limited by the initiative and drive of the individual.


All positions, with the except of EcoSpa Salesperson, are AT LEAST $15/hour to start.  We will train and work side by side with the right candidates.




not a complete list

  • Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Maintenance (cleaning)
  • Low Voltage Electrical
  • Pool Construction
  • Concrete
  • Tile/Stone
  • Paint
  • Retail Sales – Hot Tubs and Pool related items
  • Pool & Spa Equipment Repair & Installation
  • Plumbing (PVC only)
  • General Cleaning
  • Marketing
  • Deck & Patio
  • Light Construction
  • Internet Store
  • Pool Renovation

 Some of the activities above COULD become divisions of their own within Royal Backyard Living with the right leadership.