Warm weather is back and everyone is ready to swim. Unfortunately, the least favorite swimming pool job remains dreaded and undone.  Opening your pool can be an adventure to say the least.  Every swimming pool is unique and every swimming pool season is unique and Royal Backyard Living loves the challenge that each individual pool brings at opening time.  Let us do the “heavy lifting” of your pool opening.  Most pool opening services are one and done, often leaving your pool in virtually the same state as when the workers arrived.  This is not because they are not doing their job, it is just not always possible to have a green or black pool ready for swimming with one visit, leaving you with the burden of finishing a significant share of the job. For new pool owners, this is often a shock.  For veteran pool owners, it is something you may have simply accepted as an immutable fact of pool ownership. At Royal Backyard Living, we try to remedy this situation by including one FREE follow up visit 1 to 2 days after our initial visit. While this follow up visit is not a guarantee that your pool will be in "perfect" mid-season form, it will be one step closer, and in most cases, you will be able to swim in it. We believe that we are the only pool company in the KC Metro that includes this service without additional charges.

Standard Pool Opening $399

Our Standard Opening is available for basic swimming pools with a single pump/filter system (booster pump for automatic cleaner is considered part of the single pump system) and includes one follow-up visit 1-5 days after the initial visit.  This visit will include a full vacuum, testing and balancing of water chemistry and filter cleaning as necessary.*

Royal Backyard Living Opening service includes:†

  • Removal and folding of winter cover
  • Start up and test all equipment
  • Install ladders, handrails, return fittings, etc
  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • Vacuum to waste
  • Repair minor equipment pad leaks
  • Brush pool surfaces
  • Clean cover shadow from deck as much as possible
  • One follow-up visit  

Diamond Pool Opening $499 

Our Diamond opening is available for more complex systems which may include additional features such as pool/spa combos, catch basins (negative edge pools), waterfalls, etc.  Chemicals are billed separately for a Diamond opening due to the many possible configurations inherent in more complex systems.


Non Safety Cover Opening

We no longer open pools without a safety cover or an automatic cover.  We would be happy to measure your pool for a safety cover and install it in the fall.


† All equipment will be checked for proper operation, but some features such as slides or fountains and heaters will not be left running unless specifically instructed to do so or if the outdoor temperature requires it to avoid freezing. ALL parts required to start the system or repair leaks are an additional charge. Chemicals for the first visit included in the Standard Opening are 1 gallon liquid shock, 1QT Algaekill 60 and balancing chemicals as needed. Most openings, even pool/spa combos, can be done within two hours.  However, the more features a system has, the more complicated it is and the longer it takes. Therefore, anything over 2½ hours will be charged at a $125 hourly rate pro-rated on the quarter hour.

*Chemicals for the follow up visit are an additional charge.  Cleaning filter elements in a cartridge or D.E. filter will include a $85 charge. Depending on the condition of the water upon opening and the condition of the filter media, two visits may not be enough to get the water clear and properly balanced.  If desired, additional visits can be requested at $85 per visit plus chemicals.