Weekly Pool Maintenance


Pool owners expect their pool to be a beautiful backyard getaway. A clean and safe place to spend their free time with family and friends. When the pool water looks clear, a common response is to assume that it's fine. However, not all poor water chemistry can be seen while it damages equipment and pool surfaces and leads to major expenses down the road. Scratch another regular "to-do" off your list with our weekly maintenance services and simply enjoy your pool with peace of mind.

Our residential service is typically one visit per week, but can be more if desired. During this visit we will check your water chemistry and treat it as required, empty skimmer and pump baskets, vacuum the pool, brush the pool as needed, repair any minor equipment issues, net the surface of the pool, backwash the filter as required, and report any other issues to the homeowner to schedule repairs if needed. We will keep you informed of any issues that we may suspect are future concerns, or any hazards that we observe during our visit. Our service plans start at a little over $300 per month depending on many factors, including but not limited to; the size of the pool, type of sanitizer used, number of visits per week or year, obstacles around pool, natural surroundings (trees, wildlife), location in the metro, etc. Our goal is to free up a little more of your time to Live Royal.


Our commercial clients include home owners associations, apartment complexes, hotels and golf clubs. We tailor your service to the specific needs of your organization, whether you need one day of service, seven or somewhere in between. If you are in need of service for your multi-family pool, please give us a call. We have great references we would love to share.

Royal Backyard Living recognizes that there is absolutely not a one size fits all service contract for every commercial public pool. Your neighborhood or apartment complex may be new and not completely built out, so pool traffic isn't high...yet. Some HOA pools have pool houses that also need cared for and deck furniture to arrange. Some have volunteer residents do those jobs. If you have volunteer residents also maintain the pool top to bottom including water chemistry, we are happy to supplement that as needed, whether you need training, days off, oversight or equipment repairs. We are super flexible in creating a plan specifically for your pool that will keep it clean, safe, open for your residents and within your budget if possible. We look forward to working with you.